Funding for projects

Maybe you have a great idea but you’ve got no dollar.

Never fear, there are wonderful schemes that might give you money if you ask them nicely and spend time on a proposal.

1. The Funding Network say this on their website:

We run regular events open to all where charities present and donors engage in friendly philanthropy.

We are everyday donors from all backgrounds who want to help interesting young charities further their missions.

We care about social change and we care about creating a community of givers.

We warmly welcome new members and new people to our events.

2. vInspired Cashpoint say this on their website:

vInspired Cashpoint reaches out to young people who want to make a positive difference on an issue that affects their community – but are unsure or unsupported in being able to do it.

Young people can register interest and apply directly for Cashpoint funding on If their idea is chosen, we’ll give them the support to get things off the ground.

But the best thing about Cashpoint is that young people are in charge. They’ll have total control over your chosen project and can bring about the positive change in their community just the way they imagined it.

3. The Awesome Foundation say that they are ‘forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe, $1000 at a time’ which sounds really American, but is apparently available in 18 countries worldwide, including the UK.

4. If you’re starting your quarter-life-crisis nice and early, or don’t have high hopes for your life-expectancy and are starting the crisis earlier than most, Live UnLtd say that they ‘offer young people aged between 11-21 up to £5000 of funding and all support the you need to help make great ideas happen.’

5. Also, try Kickstarter. It’s an amazing way to crowd-fund projects, and I know of several people who have used it successfully to launch new plays, albums and projects.


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