Get inspired

Here are some social innovations I’ve stumbled across that might inspire you. If you want to help a particular project, try getting in touch with them. Or, look at Good for Nothing, to see if you can collaborate with other people to bring someone else’s project to life.

This list of social innovations, published by YearHere on Twitter is also the perfect list of who to follow to hear about opportunities, jobs and experience.

-If you’re a medic, you already know what you want to do with your life. But you might want to get involved with this amazing project. Anyone else, be inspired by Street Doctors. They teach ‘high-risk young people, who have either been involved in crime or are at greatest risk of it’ essential First Aid skills. This, in turn, seems to boost confidence and change attitudes towards violence.

– Rootless Garden are ‘a travelling troupe of garden enthusiasts who use nature as a medium to reconnect generations and promote wellbeing in elderly care.’ They take nature and greenery into care-homes to help improve the atmosphere, give the elderly people some enjoyable responsibility, and run workshops on all-things nature inspired- even blending herbal teas.

We Are Nana ‘is a comfort food and craft cafe hosted by lovely older ladies from the local area.’ They ‘hate the thought that just because you retire, you’re expected to sit at home waiting for Deal or No Deal to start. Although there are activities provided for over 65’s, they don’t suit everyone, especially those who still feel like they’re 40 and are keen to get stuck in to something that benefits their community.’

Fare Share is a charity which tries to challenge food poverty with its alter-ego, food waste, by redistributing surplus ‘fit-for-purpose’ food to those who need it. They also offer PAID internships.


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