Someone emailed in with a few song lyrics which helped them think about what was next in life, and motivate them to get going (probably thinking OH GOD don’t let this be me.) They’re a few lines from 

‘We wish our week days away,
Spend our weekends in bed,
We drink ourselves stupid
And work ourselves dead’

Actually I listened to the rest of the song and it’s not as dark as all that. The recurring line is: ‘feel like you still have a choice’ and that is important. Remember if you’re having a quarter-life crisis, there is still PLENTY of time but now’s the time to begin it. Have a look at the Positive Procrastination, and the Change the World pages for inspiration about where to go next. 

Also, The Dalston Years blog has a post about quarter-life-crises which was funny.
Read it and have an epiphany.


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