Spoken Word

Watching Spoken Word videos is OK because they sometimes spur you to stop watching videos and go and bloody write one yourself. Something to do with the rhythm or the fact that they often talk about what life is about actually motivated me. Go and watch Spoken Word live: Visit Apples and Snakes to see what’s on.

Here are my favourite videos to motivate and inspire you:

1) Kate Tempest’s poem Renegade actually got me writing Spoken Word a year ago. There’s a line in it that gave me goosebumps and really struck me: ‘Blake showed me/ That those who don’t exhibit their influence/Ah, they’re just holding candles to the sunshine’
Stop talking about your project- go and make it because you owe it to the world to share it!

2) Joshua Bennett. About poetry and creativity, this is absolute lyrical genius. Best line: ‘mimic Bojangles and tap-dance/ Just to have the half-chance of making some dough/ Forgetting that man was never meant to live on bread alone’ 
3) T Miller has such powerful delivery and has you clicking your fingers along with the audience.   


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