When you finish school or graduate procrastination is inevitable.

Here are some links to things that I thought were positive forms of procrastination.

They kick-started something in my head so that I actually got on with things and stopped worrying about the amazing things other people were doing and posting on their news feed.

As an aside, Facebook is the most depressing thing to be attached to at this time of your life- even if it feels like you’re connected to all your friends, it ultimately makes you feel lonelier and more isolated. I thought everyone else was coping really well with leaving uni because a handful of people were regularly posting about the nights they were going to perform at, or the book they had published, or the new business they had started. Actually most people are looking at those people with admiration and jealousy, and even those people who are achieving are panicking. And they’re still on Facebook…

If you have found a video, article, song or anything that is not a total waste of time but was actually something happily stumbled across that helped you begin life, email: restoflifecrisis@gmail.com and I will put it up.


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