Breathe easy: meditation with Headspace

The New York Times said that Andy Puddicombe, the guy behind Headspace, is ‘doing for meditation what Jamie Oliver has done to food.’ I was a bit skeptical at first, so I am doing a trial and I will let you know what I think. It’s basically full of little guided meditation sessions that are all online, and they even have an app so you can meditate on the go. The idea behind it is that they are ‘on a mission to get as many people in the world as possible to take 10 minutes out of their day, to practice a simple and easy-to-learn meditation technique.’ I am a very restless, excitable, easily anxious person and have always been intrigued by meditation. Christ knows meditation and yoga classes can be expensive, but the idea is that this is that it’s like ‘gym membership for your mind.’ Nice.

They are £3.74 a month, but they also have 10 10minute taster sessions which are FREE. I just did the first one and I feel like I just had a bath and drank camomile tea. The best thing is, you can do these on the bus, on your lunch-break or at your desk.


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