It’s Nice That

Be inspired by all the beautiful things that humans have made by having a leaf through It’s Nice That. It’s full of posts on all things to do with art, design and photography. Sometimes it has podcasts, interviews and suggestions for events to get you out of your house. They also have a ‘best of the web’ section at the bottom which can lead your positive procrastination elsewhere. Yes, some of these people did courses in graphic design and art, but not ALL of them. The underlying point is that they are human and you are human and humans are capable of making things, so give something a go!

So much of the creative process is about getting over your own brain’s determination to thwart your plans before you get going. The only thing stopping you from starting to experiment is you! If you wished you could draw, but have always thought that you were crap at art, try this. I did and it made me realise that I was capable of drawing more than a stick man or lady:
Get a photograph to draw. Get a piece of paper and a pencil/pen. Turn the photo upside down and just draw what you see. Because the photo is upside-down, apparently your brain stops trying to make sense of what it sees. It just let’s you draw without filling in the gaps, telling you where you’ve gone wrong. When you’ve finished, turn your picture the right way up. You’ll be surprised.


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