Escape the City

Once people come across Escape the City two sides of their personality suddenly start fighting. One half desperately tries to conceal all evidence of having found the website, removing fingerprints from keypads and deleting email history so no-one else discovers such a gem. The other half wants to climb out of the window and scramble onto the rooftop with a megaphone and tell every hopeless commuter that they have the answer. Ok, so maybe it’s not the answer to life, escaping rarely is. BUT there are some wild and wonderful opportunities here and some local, more grounded dream jobs too. It claims to advertise the ‘most exciting, entrepreneurial, social good, adventurous jobs in the world’ and it looks to be true. Some of them are abroad, some of them are at home. Furthermore, signing up to Escape the City is free. Ideal.

Currently advertised on Escape the City:

Travel writer/blogger for Last where ‘there’s no salary, uniform or set hours. You don’t have to quit your day job. Instead, there will be up to £50,000 for a year’s worth of spontaneous travel and experiences booked through’ ie. the best sounding job in the world. Don’t apply for that one…

Mars One are looking for a bloody astronaut for ‘the first human mission to Mars in 2023.’ So apply now to fix your mid-life crisis.

I’ve just seen that this one has expired (and I’m crying) but hopefully more like this will appear: Taste Australia were looking for a ‘Taste Master, someone with passion for the study of food, who will be responsible for promoting the extraordinary produce from across Western Australia. You will tour the best restaurants, wineries, breweries, pubs and lobster eateries, while also heading off the beaten path to catch some of the freshest seafood on our undiscovered coastline.’ Holy wow.

Get browsing.


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