Funding for projects

Often it’s the arts that feel the tightening of the money belt but, luckily, they are something that people will always feel passionate enough about to help bring to life. For info on anything creatively finance-related, from grants and invoices to making money blogging, look at this IdeasTap page: Finance Hub.

Crowd-funding is a brilliant way to keep your project on track, build momentum, and partake in the generosity of strangers. Read this article on IdeasTap, it is full of tips about crowd-funding and lists the various options, which are primarily: KickstarterIndiegogoSponsume and We Fund.

If you’re making a documentary and need some money, then try Brit Doc. It’s founding sponsor was Channel 4. They have the Bertha Britdoc Documentary Journalism fund available for documentaries of a ‘journalistic’ nature, the Bertha Brit Doc Connect fund for films with ‘social issues at their core’ and the Puma fund for docs which will make ‘the greatest positive impact on society or the environment.’


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