Swap skills and join the gift economy: Impossible.com

Impossible.com is a beautiful discovery. Join the gift economy and trade random acts of kindness by making wishes and granting others. It’s a new kind of social networking site where most people seem to be anonymous and you help each other achieve the impossible. Sometimes the Facebook news feed and the constant flow of photos and statuses of success and ‘new job!’ ‘new house!’ ‘promotion!’ ‘backstage #yolo!’ can get you down. Your own life begins to feel limited by comparison. At impossible.com the sky’s the limit, and the news feed style homepage is full of wishes being made, granted and thanked for.

Right now on impossible.com: someone is offering free hypnotherapy treatments, free Business Sales and Marketing Consultancy to new companies, free tea-tasting sessions, free vinyl, help to someone who’s suffering from schizophrenia from someone who has suffered, photoshop skills and italian lessons. And people are asking for: a taxidermy wolf for a fashion show (weird), crowd-funding suggestions for a new company, pen-pals, english-teachers, help with their Macbeth essay, tips for travelling in Barcelona and lots more.

Some of the wishes are thinking bigger. People are wishing for the gift economy to take off, for kindness to rule instead of money and greed, for less homophobia in their country, for friendship, for relief from guilt. And the best thing is people are still replying to these wishes, offering their support, advice and their experience. One of the most recurring wishes is that more people will find out about impossible.com, so join! It’s free, helping someone is as easy as commenting on someone’s status and you can make wishes, no matter how personal, under the anonymity of your pseudonym. Finally, at impossible.com, the ultimate wish is possible- you can wish for more wishes, and you can make as many wishes as you like. You can be Aladdin and the Genie all at once, hurray!


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