When my quarter-life-crisis hit I started a blog. At the time I thought it might be a good way to put all my accomplishments in one place so that I could direct a future employer there. Now I realise it was just as much so that I could prove to myself that I had made or finished things in the past and that I would make and finish things again. I needed a kind of achievement wall, which catalogued my life in terms of what I’d done in chronological order. Unfortunately the blog stopped after four posts, and the effect was that I felt even more useless at not maintaining the blog. I felt like I was a fickle idiot who would start new projects every 3 days and then lose steam.

So this blog is not for myself. I want this to be a kind of graduate resource pack. Some of it might be more relevant for people who have finished uni just because that’s where I find myself, but I hope it is just as useful for people who have finished school, because that feeling of whaaaatdoooiiiiiidoooowithhhhmyyyliiiife is a cyclical one.

Maybe you live back with your mum and dad in a village in the middle of no-where. Maybe you live in London and are in a job which you don’t really like but which might lead somewhere, but you push drugs and booze into your face from Friday 5pm – Sunday 10pm every weekend and spend your week dreaming of South America. Maybe you’re saving to go travelling. Maybe you’ve just come back from travelling/living abroad. Maybe you can feel yourself being yoked up to the work-machine like a cow and are suddenly panicking because you want to be the right type of cow yoked up to the right type of machine and you know nothing about agriculture. Maybe you’re just doing a job to make money but can’t get yourself too enthused about it. Maybe you don’t work but you ‘chill’ instead and spend your time playing video games or watching BBC dramas, eating crisps.

The point is we’ve all been there and there comes a point where you find yourself googling What Do I Do With My Life, or What’s Next, or How Do I Change The World. I hope you find this blog.


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